Benefits of Yoga for your WHOLE body: How BUTI can help


Cammie Lawton

September 29, 2018

While focusing on burning calories and elevating exercise, we can often forget the importance of active recovery, stretching and overall health. Yoga provides not just an opportunity for you to actively recover and stretch; it provides the opportunity for body, mind, and spirit to be strengthened and challenged at the same time.

yoga benefits

Yoga originated in the East as a way to connect the mind and the body. This practice of connecting our body and physical being to our mental and emotional being brings many more benefits than just flexibility. It transforms your WHOLE body.


Physical Benefits:

Yoga provides the physical body:


  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Cardiac health
  • Increased respiratory capacity
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Improved balance and athletic ability
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Protection from injury


Mental and Emotional Benefits:


Yoga not only transforms our physical bodies, but also improves our mental and emotional stamina and well-being. Practicing yoga consistently (even just once a week) provides:


  • Improved brain/body connection
  • Increased clarity and calmness
  • Sharpness in concentration
  • Stamina and determination
  • Reduction of chronic stress patterns
  • Release of emotional tension in the body


So you think, “These benefits sound great, but I want to burn calories and feel like I have worked out.” This is where my own personal journey brought me into the practice of Buti Yoga, my soulmate workout. For years I spent so much time running, doing home workout programs, and even some basic yoga videos on youtube, but always felt like something was missing. While these workout practices helped me maintain my health, I never looked forward to working out. It always felt like something I “should” do. Then, I found Buti. I immediately recognized the physical benefits of the cardio tribal dance and plyometrics, but the stretching and release the yoga provided was my missing piece. The more I practiced the more I realized not only was my physical body changing–I lost 2 pant sizes and increased my muscle tone/definition–but my mentality towards myself and my life was shifting. Once I started practicing Buti Yoga, I found my confidence, voice, and learned how to love and appreciate others for exactly who they are. Through this practice, I have found the best, deepest friendships and a tribe that believes we ALL can lead and we ALL can love ourselves NOW. So if you are looking for a challenging workout that will burn calories: Buti serves that purpose. On average, I burn between 300-400 calories per workout. However, if you give it a chance, Buti Yoga can provide you so much more than just a calorie burn–it can transform your WHOLE body. You never know how much you can learn to love yourself and find a tribe that will support and cheer you on. Join me and sweat with intention!



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