Staying Focused When Holiday Season Approaches

Brooks Dean

November 25, 2018

29355147_2025997701055878_6625919930011188770_o (2)

One holiday is down and another is fast approaching.  With the holiday season comes kid’s school parties, work parties, friend’s parties, holiday treats, temptation every time your turn around.  Here are a few things you can do to stay focused and on track during this hectic season.

  • Make sure you have SMART goals
    • Specific- who, what, when, where
    • Measureable- how many pounds, how much weight on the bar, what size dumbbells
    • Achievable- is this something you can do
    • Realistic- don’t expect to lose 30 pounds in 30 days
    • Time Bound- have a time frame
  • Put those goals in writing and put them where you can see them
    • Put them on your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, WHEREVER they will be in your face and remind you of what you are working for.
  • Get organized
    • Meal prepping is vital to help stay on track.
    • Plan ahead when eating out. Check out their menu online and see what the healthier option is.
    • Prepare for each day the night before. Pack lunches and snacks so you can grab and go.
    • I can’t stress how important this is. It is CRUCIAL to staying on track.
  • Accountability Partner
    • Find someone who has a similar schedule or attends the same classes. Check in with one another when the other misses class.  It is easier to commit to coming to class when someone else is expecting you to be there.
  • Celebrate the small victories
    • You lost 2 lbs this week, pat yourself on the back. You took the steps at work and didn’t get as winded, kudos to you.
  • Schedule your workouts for the week
    • Log on to Mindbody weekly and schedule your classes. Don’t cancel on yourself.  You wouldn’t cancel your hair appointment, and working out feels just as good. J


We all fall off track and have a bad day.  Don’t let it define the week, jump right back in and keep going.

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