Being Honest With Yourself Before Setting New Year Resolutions

Jessica Chandler
January 6, 2019
With a new year comes new goals. You see the quote, “New Year, New You” year after year! Although this may seem like a great outlook on your life ahead, this single quote is also why so many feel like they have failed themselves by the time that same year comes to an end, which recycled into feeling like they need to start the process over and over. Don’t get me wrong, New Year resolutions can changes lives. The important key is being honest with yourself while setting these goals you want to accomplish. Reality is there is no reason you need to be a completely different YOU by the end of the year. For one you have to love yourself along the journey and honestly that is just too much pressure to put on one person.
Your goals, especially when fitness related, should take some deep thinking with yourself before they are set. You have to take into consideration your lifestyle, schedule, what type of support system you have and more importantly you know yourself best so you must consider what you know you are or are not willing and able to do. Although the best intentions are behind those huge goals you set, once you realize they may not become accomplished, a cycle starts. You may begin to feel like a “failure”, like you should “start again another day”, or maybe you should just “give up” all together because of course there’s always next year right! I’m here to tell you there is a way to avoid this type of mindset all together. First step in achieving your fitness resolutions would be making YOURSELF a priority this year. When you start putting effort into yourself, you will find yourself making less EXCUSES.
Also, instead of saying, “I will lose _ amount of weight this year,” pick out or go purchase your goals jeans/dress. Hang this where you can see it daily and use this as a way to measure your progress. I promise you, especially when beginning weight lifting, it is pointless to measure all your progress by the scale. Set goals such as having more energy, building more muscle mass, start running, do more cardio, lift more weights, etc. Your long term goals do not have to have a certain number attached to them. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest it all. Example: a person who sets a new goal to start running will feel more accomplished and continue with it even if they only run 1-2 days a week VS. a person who sets a goal of running 4-5 days per week and because of life they don’t reach that goal.
The goals set at the beginning of a new year can make or break your thought process for the entire year. Being honest with yourself and creating realistic goals to accomplish will aid in a goal accomplished year!

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